Saturday, September 19, 2009

Speak French to me...

No Girls Allowed! I have just been rejected, generous charitable help refused, turned away at the door, shoo-shooed. I offered enthusiastically to help my boyfriend and his roommate paint the living room walls of their apartment. “I have painted a room before,” I informed him.
“Um, nah, it’s okay. We got it.” was his reply. I assured him it would be to my enjoyment and he assured me right back that my help was not only unneeded but unwanted (in only slightly kinder words.) Meaning, he and his roommate were going to have some quality beer drinking, grunting, burping, and spitting time; no place for a gal like myself. Instead, I reluctantly returned home in my ready-to-paint outfit, darling Geraldine Doyle hair band ‘n all, and comforted myself with a bowl of mint-chip ice cream and fun French music. Tisk, tisk, those boys!

But you shall reap the benefit. Here are a few songs, so fun and lovely, they make it impossible not to feel quite splendid while listening to them:

These songs are actually all from the movie “Something’s Gotta Give.” It seems I am the only person that loves that movie. Most people laugh at me when I share that nugget of info. Still, it currently holds a spot on my Christmas list.