Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Masterpiece and Master Scam

I've added another song to my playlist. This is an older one as well but I recently stumbled upon it. It is called "Saeglopur" by the innovative and astoundingly beautiful, Sigur Ros. If you haven't heard of them, well, get to it. This particular song I think is literally breathtaking. It gets a little loud half way through but the beginning... I recommend turning it up and closing your eyes to soak up all the intricate layers of sound.
Another track on my playlist, "Gobbledigook," is from their latest album which contains several more upbeat tracks.

Totally separate topic:
I went online to purchase a subscription to the magazine Real Simple as a gift to my close friend. I deeply, deeply love this magazine. I cherish each issue that comes out and read it cover to cover, flagging all the fabulous ideas, crying a few tears and laughing like old friends with each months heart warming feature article. A topic often featured among it's shiny, broad pages is how to save money and avoid uneccessary or hidden costs. Well, today, after completing their very simple (duh) and clear online form, I was flabbergasted when the following message appeared on my screen: "Thank you for purchasing 12 issues of Real Simple with automatic renewal." Automatic Renewal???? The fine print on this form must have been so microscopic that I don't even recall seeing it hidden amidst the brightly colored submission form with text large enough for the legally blind! Oh, Real Simple!? How could you do this? Betray such a faithful follower! Really! I expected more from you, Real Simple! I... I can't believe I am saying this... I... I am disappointed in you... Real Simple (sniffle).


Disheartened and jaded reader.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Mark It With An "N"

Hello to my mmm, I think, three remaining readers. It's true. I confess, the twelve followers below is a bit of a deception. I bullied most of them into clicking the "follow" button and they probably haven't returned since. If you look closely you'll see that one of the twelve is me. On another note:

A William Sonoma catalogue came in the mail today and my heart gave a little flutter when I spotted this beauty. I have to say it, OMG! Can you imagine all the lovely little things I'd bake and wrap with pretty ribbons and label with this oh-so-cute embosser! And the sweet little cards I'd send with my embossed emblem on the back, and the darling wrapped gifts I'd give with the embossed tag! Can you imagine it? I can, I am right now and it's wonderful!  But, one thought interupts my dreams of crafting bliss and that is, truthfully, what if my last name changes??? Uh, okay, I know... this is so embarrassing and rediculous of me, but I can't help it! I wouldn't want to waste a whole embossing template on a last name I'll never use again (God help me)! And I wouldn't want to count my chickies before they hatch so... I'm thinking this is a great engaged or already married item to purchase. Hmph. Oh, if only I could know which name to order right now...ahem! Okay, just kidding. Maybe I could order some with just my first name... or a nickname... ooh, or an alias. It would be perfect to have before Valentines day. Can you imagine the scrumptious Valentines I could send with my little embossed envelopes! Sigh.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A Modern Thank You Card

I just added a new song to my playlist. Actually, it's an old song that I used to love. Something reminded me of it recently and I couldn't wait to hear it again. It is Little Star by Stina Nordenstam. You may recognize it from the movie Romeo & Juliet. Back when the movie came out I would listen to this song and imagine what my first kiss would be like with Leonardo DiCaprio. Surprisingly, that is not what drew me to it this time. Simply put, it's just so darn pretty.

Speaking of lovely music, I had a birthday recently and decided that I would forego the sentimental homemade Thank You card for a modern upgrade: a mixed CD. I wrote little messages on the disc and will wrap each with a pretty ribbon. I think it gives an otherwise predictable Thank You letter a little flair and something to give back. Oh how creatively ingenious of me, brag, brag, brag! Pardon me, I'm a bit excited about it. The truth is, I have been very lazy about reading and writing lately but have devoted much appreciation and dwindling of time to music and longed to share my favorite songs. Some might even say I force my music upon others... but I don't feel that's accurate.

I will have to try and pick up a book or back of a cereal box or something this week to help with inspiration; I'm afraid, though, my grammar has fallen beyond repair.

Time for bed! Today at work I came dangerously close to drooling on my keyboard and succumbing to the ever-threatening hunchback, due to lack of sleep. I'm hoping tomorrow our bookkeeper will give my fresh face a sweet complement rather than a concerned, "you look tired..."  Goodnight!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Fuel for bloggers remorse:

Hello there. No, I have not forgotten this blog. I have thought about it, sighed and avoided it, but forgotten it - no. I have lacked inspiration lately, as well as completion of thought. Everything I've written lately has been an aimless babble bordering on self pity and as interesting as small talk. I strongly dislike small talk. You may notice, I have a book on small talk on my reading list. I'm trying, or going to try, to change my outlook on small talk so I no longer have to dodge people I recognize at the mall. I'm pretty sure most people can tell that yes, I do see them and I do know who they are. If you have spotted me at the mall hiding behind a kiosk of hair straighteners it's not because I don't like you, it's just because I don't feel like sharing all the new things that aren't going on in mylife right now. I'm trying to spare you the boredom and fake laughter which, lets face it, is what small talk thrives on. Okay, okay, I'm getting bitter.

I'd better just come clean right now. The previous post about Christmas songs to come was a lie. There will be no such songs. I wanted to find unique Christmas songs but all the ones that sounded nice lacked that Christmas feeling and, well, now Christmas has come and gone.

My cat is snoring like a Saint Bernard. It startled me, I thought there was someone moaning outside my bedroom.