Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Masterpiece and Master Scam

I've added another song to my playlist. This is an older one as well but I recently stumbled upon it. It is called "Saeglopur" by the innovative and astoundingly beautiful, Sigur Ros. If you haven't heard of them, well, get to it. This particular song I think is literally breathtaking. It gets a little loud half way through but the beginning... I recommend turning it up and closing your eyes to soak up all the intricate layers of sound.
Another track on my playlist, "Gobbledigook," is from their latest album which contains several more upbeat tracks.

Totally separate topic:
I went online to purchase a subscription to the magazine Real Simple as a gift to my close friend. I deeply, deeply love this magazine. I cherish each issue that comes out and read it cover to cover, flagging all the fabulous ideas, crying a few tears and laughing like old friends with each months heart warming feature article. A topic often featured among it's shiny, broad pages is how to save money and avoid uneccessary or hidden costs. Well, today, after completing their very simple (duh) and clear online form, I was flabbergasted when the following message appeared on my screen: "Thank you for purchasing 12 issues of Real Simple with automatic renewal." Automatic Renewal???? The fine print on this form must have been so microscopic that I don't even recall seeing it hidden amidst the brightly colored submission form with text large enough for the legally blind! Oh, Real Simple!? How could you do this? Betray such a faithful follower! Really! I expected more from you, Real Simple! I... I can't believe I am saying this... I... I am disappointed in you... Real Simple (sniffle).


Disheartened and jaded reader.


  1. oh no!!! and to think it was for me! how could they do that to you!!!???

  2. my word verification for my last post was rackerat, hee hee hee ;)