Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Spiders Strike: A too close encounter!!!

It seems the spiders are getting in the Halloween spirit. I had an extremely close encounter with one of those giant brown garden spiders two days ago that left me shrieking and doing the heebie jeebies dance in my driveway. I had walked into its web and its wriggling body touched my shoulder! Shudder, mega shudder!! I was sure a neighbor would run to my rescue once they heard my cries of disgust, but no, not even so much as a window curtain pulled back in curiosity. The spiders struck again tonight. The pile of clothes on my floor was getting to be sizeable, making my room look quite small, so I decided to do some tidying. I picked up a sweater from the pile and, Aaaaahhhh!!! A big, hairy thing with legs like licorice sticks was ready to pounce, guarding the pile of clothes as though it were his loot. This time I controlled myself and let out only a minor yelp and then took action. I scanned my surroundings and found my trusty black flats by my side so I acted quickly, with precision, like a seasoned warrior. I won't go into detail, but yes, the remains from the battle join the rest of my exhibition as evidence of a gruesome war yet to cease, and intruders need be wary.
Cute black flats can be used for more than just accessorizing...

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

So I'm one of those girls.... oh.

I never thought I'd say this but, being in a relationship has made me realize that I, in fact, am... needy. I never imagined, okay, well, I kind of suspected, but hoped I would never succumb to the whiny and pathetic habits of one of those girls. But here I am arguing with my dude because he's been too busy painting his apartment for the past what feels like forever to be spending time with me! Boo! Even as the words escape my mouth I know I'm not being fair, but I just can't get over it. Yes, I know we'll spend time together soon, but that doesn't cut it. The quota on hang out time zeros out at the start of each week! (Clearly I sound crazy.) So we discuss it, he's very sweet yet rational, I reluctantly agree and then I realize I still feel dissatisfied and reinstate my original argument. He lets out an aggrivated sigh and now I'm sure he's going to dump me. I am doing what guys hate, I tell myself, even I hate it! But it's no use, Needy girl is behind the wheel and there's no telling how far she'll go to have her needs met. Lets just hope my man sticks around long enough for me to Buck Up!

I heart big jewelry...

I don't know if anyone has noticed a recent trend in big, chunky, statement jewelry... I have. And I really, really like it. I was browsing the website of my favorite clothing store, Anthropologie, and I came upon this lil' beauty:

Isn't it gorgeous! I can only hope it will last long enought to go on sale. It's about $48 and I'm a bargain shopper. Plus, since I have too much clothes and accessories for my tiny closet I can only justify a new purchase if it's an incredible deal. But $48 isn't bad for something like this, eh? Take note: add to Christmas list!

As far as the sale selection goes, I found this little interesting piece for $19.95:

What do you think? I kind of like it, paired with a simple black top for a night out. Please fashionistas, let me know your thoughts.

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Monday, October 19, 2009

An Address to Spiders and Creepy Crawlys Alike

I see you up there Spider, your thick, grotesque body perched in your web over my bed. You are still as though dormant, but I know your tricks! The moment my light clicks off you awaken and descend like air down your silky strand to burry yourself in my hair, nuzzle in my neck! Look around you Spider. Notice your neighbors smooshed to oblivion on your left and your right. Consider yourself warned! Return to the wilderness before you become a smear of goo and scattered legs. Don’t brand me a murderer; this is a line of defense, a line which you have crossed, in a battle that is fought daily. Retreat Spider! Retreat!!!

Exhibit A: Bug guts

The truth: I originally left the guts because just the act of squishing filled my capacity for gross-out and I could not bring myself to then wipe the guts off the wall. I justified my display of crusty bug guts as a warning to their descendants, but my line of defense is not working. Despite the changing seasons spiders still flock to my bedroom in packs and now the bug guts have become cemented to the wall, such that removing them means taking the paint off as well, so there they remain.

Exhibit B: More bug guts

Monday, October 12, 2009

A Quote to Hopefully Propel Me...

"I want hard stories, I demand them for myself. Hard stories are worth the difficulty. It seems to me the only way I have forgiven anything, understood anything, is through that process of opening up to my own terror and pain and reexamining it, re-creating it in the story, and making it something different, making it meaningful - even if the meaning is only in the act of the telling."
-Dorothy Allision

I have yet to learn to do this, but it's something I look forward to.

I know I owe my three readers an update on my goals and so forth; stay tuned...

Bon Iver

I am listening to "Re: Stacks" by Bon Iver, over and over and over again. It has become an alternate reality. So beautiful. I am so submerged in it, I fear to leave the range of my speakers.
This album is amazing!