Friday, April 23, 2010

crying over spilled enchiladas and dirty forks...

Ugh. Friday hasn't brought me the relief it usually does. My weekend started with a messy plop when my left-over delicious enchiladas fell to the ground as I was leaving work late. I'll be honest, I dropped an F-bomb, that's how good those enchiladas were.
Once I got home, I called my boyfriend to lure him to hang some curtain rods for me by suggesting we "veg-out" at my place (he doesn't have cable, I do.) But, his phone was acting up, as every phone he's ever had seems to....  There was a lot of, "what?" "I saaiidd..." "I didn't hear any of that!" and "arrggg!!!" We both got totally irritated and, well, I'm blogging instead of hanging curtains. Stupid.
Then, just to embrace the moment, I started getting depressed about my life. Where is it going?! What am I doing?! What do I want?! I have no idea! Pout, pout, pout, pout.
I'm getting the growing impression that my BA in Sociology might be completely worthless to me. There is nothing I can do with it, that I want to do with it. Pout, pout, pout, pout.
I decided to empty the dish drying rack a few minutes ago. Yet again, I found dirtied, disgusting and completely unwashed dishes sitting on the rack, the clean dish rack. They're like little dirty rats trying to blend in amongst clean white mice. They are the strike of an oblivious, or defiant, roommate. I haven't figured out which it is. I stashed some of the particularly dirty dishes in my cupboard as evidence to back up my argument when I address her. Last time I brought up the issue, she looked at me like I was crazy and I had no proof to offer her. That won't happen again!
I'm hungry now. I've got to find something to replace my left over enchiladas. I think some frozen Trader Joe's pizza, a glass of red wine and a sewing project might be just what I need.

Please share your plans for this weekend, I'd love to hear if you're doing anything fun, inspiring or creative! Or just anything! I'm really tempted to go to IKEA...

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Two things I love around my home...

I'm so glad to join in with Two Things Tuesday at Bacwoods Fern again! I'm looking forward to sharing the new things I find or create while trying to make my place more homie and... just me. Here are my two, somewhat small, things:

I went to buy a small pot for this bright little plant and right next to the pots were these colorful mugs! So I got one of those instead. I think it's sweet, aw.
I went to a vintage shop recently to get a gift for a friend and could not tear myself away from this little mirror. I thought, I could make this, it would be so easy to make this! Then somehow I ended up thinking, oh, whatever, and I bought it. As it turns out, the store manager made it herself! Well, I guess it will just be in my room to inspire me... and help me with my morning make-up and various other mirror responsibilities. Ain't it cute?

What are your two things? Link up at Bacwoods Fern or post a comment. You know... it doesn't have to be a Tuesday to share... technically it's Wednesday by now anyway. Yikes! Bed time!!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Coveting a Kitchen...

On this gloomy Sunday I have been thumbing through the April issue of Dwell magazine: Prefab Today. A particular home is featured that has left me drooling over it's beautiful open living space, check it out:
I love the mix of concrete with warm wood, and the openness of the area. I love the shelves in the concrete couter, and the slab of wood with the storage underneath, and the interesting branch piece above the table.. and... and... I love it all!!!
Here are few more pics:
I really like the collage of frames above the day bed. And isn't this a perfectly beautiful fireplace? Sigh