Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Two things I love around my home...

I'm so glad to join in with Two Things Tuesday at Bacwoods Fern again! I'm looking forward to sharing the new things I find or create while trying to make my place more homie and... just me. Here are my two, somewhat small, things:

I went to buy a small pot for this bright little plant and right next to the pots were these colorful mugs! So I got one of those instead. I think it's sweet, aw.
I went to a vintage shop recently to get a gift for a friend and could not tear myself away from this little mirror. I thought, I could make this, it would be so easy to make this! Then somehow I ended up thinking, oh, whatever, and I bought it. As it turns out, the store manager made it herself! Well, I guess it will just be in my room to inspire me... and help me with my morning make-up and various other mirror responsibilities. Ain't it cute?

What are your two things? Link up at Bacwoods Fern or post a comment. You know... it doesn't have to be a Tuesday to share... technically it's Wednesday by now anyway. Yikes! Bed time!!

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