Friday, January 15, 2010

Fuel for bloggers remorse:

Hello there. No, I have not forgotten this blog. I have thought about it, sighed and avoided it, but forgotten it - no. I have lacked inspiration lately, as well as completion of thought. Everything I've written lately has been an aimless babble bordering on self pity and as interesting as small talk. I strongly dislike small talk. You may notice, I have a book on small talk on my reading list. I'm trying, or going to try, to change my outlook on small talk so I no longer have to dodge people I recognize at the mall. I'm pretty sure most people can tell that yes, I do see them and I do know who they are. If you have spotted me at the mall hiding behind a kiosk of hair straighteners it's not because I don't like you, it's just because I don't feel like sharing all the new things that aren't going on in mylife right now. I'm trying to spare you the boredom and fake laughter which, lets face it, is what small talk thrives on. Okay, okay, I'm getting bitter.

I'd better just come clean right now. The previous post about Christmas songs to come was a lie. There will be no such songs. I wanted to find unique Christmas songs but all the ones that sounded nice lacked that Christmas feeling and, well, now Christmas has come and gone.

My cat is snoring like a Saint Bernard. It startled me, I thought there was someone moaning outside my bedroom.

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