Monday, January 25, 2010

Mark It With An "N"

Hello to my mmm, I think, three remaining readers. It's true. I confess, the twelve followers below is a bit of a deception. I bullied most of them into clicking the "follow" button and they probably haven't returned since. If you look closely you'll see that one of the twelve is me. On another note:

A William Sonoma catalogue came in the mail today and my heart gave a little flutter when I spotted this beauty. I have to say it, OMG! Can you imagine all the lovely little things I'd bake and wrap with pretty ribbons and label with this oh-so-cute embosser! And the sweet little cards I'd send with my embossed emblem on the back, and the darling wrapped gifts I'd give with the embossed tag! Can you imagine it? I can, I am right now and it's wonderful!  But, one thought interupts my dreams of crafting bliss and that is, truthfully, what if my last name changes??? Uh, okay, I know... this is so embarrassing and rediculous of me, but I can't help it! I wouldn't want to waste a whole embossing template on a last name I'll never use again (God help me)! And I wouldn't want to count my chickies before they hatch so... I'm thinking this is a great engaged or already married item to purchase. Hmph. Oh, if only I could know which name to order right now...ahem! Okay, just kidding. Maybe I could order some with just my first name... or a nickname... ooh, or an alias. It would be perfect to have before Valentines day. Can you imagine the scrumptious Valentines I could send with my little embossed envelopes! Sigh.


  1. I love you! So funny!
    (and yes...I still read this blog:)

  2. Classic...yes, we are still following...and waiting for that name change!!!