Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Rx: Eat Chocolate As Needed...

As I write this, I am burrowed in my huge down comforter on my bed. My hair is pinned back the way I used to wear it in Junior High. Beside me is a one-pound box of See’s Candy - given to me, that is the only redeeming aspect of it. It has been a rough several days. I have had the house to myself this past week, which turned out to be unfortunate timing. My boyfriend and I decided to take a break, for various reasons, hopefully amounting to the strengthening of our relationship. We have not spoken or seen each other for what feels like an eternity. As our time apart grows I feel like the island I am on is slowly floating further from his shore and I am becoming accustomed to being alone. I wish a roommate would come home so I could hear their shoes taping around the house!  My dad offered his support, all though not in the way I'd hoped, suggesting I date around because he feels getting married before thirty is a good way to ruin your life. In addition, there are the usual culprits: work has been chaotically busy, all my pants have mysteriously shrunk, my neck pain is taking on a life of its own and today I sent freshly brewed coffee cascading across my desk full of papers.

So, what does one do in a time like this? I bought a hair brush - the first one I have ever purchased. I have always argued that hair brushes are unnecessary, conditioner does the job. Maybe my hair has gone through a change recently, because after leaving work late, nothing sounded better than combing out that baby dreadlock on the back of my neck that’s been showing up towards the end of each day. Sitting in my car, I brushed my hair with my new brush. It felt so comforting, like I was nursing my tired self. It reminded me of when my mom used to brush my hair when I was little and pull it back into a neat ponytail with a frilly hair tie. I brushed for awhile, slowly, feeling the pin points of the brush rush over my scalp, working through the knots, making my hair calm and soft. I finally understand why those girls in school would have their hair brush in hand at the start of each period and run it through their hair like a nervous tick. If I’m not careful, this could become a dependency. I think I’ll give my hair just a few more quick strokes… again. Can you brush too much? Should I be concerned?
For tonight, along with the See’s candy, I will put away my daily nagging stresses (beat them off with my hair brush actually) and let go of my uncertainties. I know they’ll be right where I left them tomorrow. I’ll have my hair brush ready.

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  1. I love you. And I love your blog. And I wish that I, too, had a hairbrush like yours.