Saturday, February 20, 2010

Oh Mr. Darcy!!!

Things have been looking up!

Not to worry, my main squeeze and I have reconciled, through tears (mostly his) and frustration (mostly mine) we have, as hoped, come out stronger. Those of you who know that our break was just barely over two weeks may be cynical about what could possibly be accomplished in such a short amount of time. And let me stop you before you dismiss us as weak or pathetic for not holding out longer - not speaking to the person that you call multiple times a day to say, “I was just wondering, do you think I'd look good with bangs,” or “I’m on my lunch break, yup that’s it,” or “I think one of my teeth feels wiggly,” is incredibly hard! Not to mention that is 14+ days of not knowing if you’ll get back together! Given the topic, I would like to apologize to my friends that had boyfriends in high school or college whom I would roll my eyes at when they’d heave an I miss him sigh while on a girls weekend away. So, my Hunka-Love and I are back on and it was just in time for Valentine’s Day, thank God! In the words of Mr. T, I pitty the fool who takes a break right before Valentine’s Day. Duh! Oh the Stupidity!

We celebrated Valentine’s on Saturday by going to one of our favorite restaurants in town, Opal. If you are in the Santa Barbara area consider this restaurant on high recommendation. We love Opal because…

The food is amazing, every time
The atmosphere and location are great
We get V.I.P seating and they treat us like royalty!

Although, on this occasion the highlight of my night came just before dinner. As all Santa Barbarians know, the S.B. Film Festival has been going on and none other than my absolute favorite, Colin Firth, was in town accepting the Performance of the Year award at the Arlington right next to Opal!!! When we were headed to dinner he was arriving at the venue. He graciously went around to all of the fans spilling over the barricades. I was springing on my toes like a mechanical rabbit, gripping my camera in ready position, I can’t believe it’s him!! Mr. Darcy!! Normally, I am much too cool to lose it over a celebrity but for him I made an exception. I shakily asked him to take a picture with me and slipped my arm around his silky suit jacket and thought, am I allowed to touch him - I'm touching him! I think my expression in the photo says it all:
(don't know who the creepy photo crasher is on the left, don't let her ruin it for you)

After the photo was taken I realized our moment was up, so before he could move on to the next crazed fan I blurted out, "You're my favorite!" He gave me one more priceless Mr. Darcy smile. I'm sure he'll remember me.

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  1. super jealous you met colin firth.
    he's one of my favorites too ;-)