Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Nelly's know-how to... Consign Clothes!

That's right! Consignment! As one who has been a dedicated consigner for two years now I am always surprised by how many of my friends have never tried it and know nothing about it. Consequently, they are just as surprised when I tell them that I have made hundreds, yes hundreds of dollars from consigning my clothing. It is far too worthwhile to pass up so I am going to share my consigning tips with you to help you make a few extra bucks while freeing up a little room in your closet. Weeee!

Consigning (in case you don't know) is when you bring your lightly used clothing, shoes or accessories to a second hand clothing shop; they sell it for you and once the clothes sell the shop keeps a small percentage of the sale and the rest of the money goes to you!

Tip 1: The best places to go are high-end consignment shops. They usually take mostly brand name or designer items. I know what you're thinking - I don't have a bunch of designer clothes! Neither do I. But you probably have things that someone else might find cute or stylish that just don't suit you anymore. Most shops suggest you bring in everything because you just never know! Keep in mind, consignment shops prefer clothes that apply to the current season; sweaters during winter, tank tops during summer, etc.
Tip 2: What one shop won't take another likely will. If you're in the Santa Barbara area you are welcome to follow my consignment pattern.
    First stop: Renaissance Fine Consignment. Their demographic tends to be middle aged women but they like to have a wide variety of styles. I like to go there first because they tend to get you a bit more money for your clothes, have an easy policy and the people are pleasant to work with.
    Second stop: The Closet. They're demographic is younger so they accept more trendy items. They don't require appointments so you can go straight from Renaissance to The Closet with your bags of clothes!
    Third stop: Jessica Consignment. I would make this my second stop but Jessica requires a bit more effort. They wants your clothes ironed and all on hangers, bleh! In their defense, they often accept a larger quantity of clothes, get you a good amount of money, and sell your clothes really fast, meaning you get your money sooner! So, they're definitely worth stopping by.
After that point I'll usually donate the rest, although you could take them to thrift shops who will buy them off you on the spot for a lesser amount.

Tip 3: Don't forget to check the status on your clothes! Most of these places won't contact you when your clothes have sold so you have to check in to see if they have money for you. Also, the shop will give you a report of what clothes they took from you. I recommend keeping track of that everytime you find out something's sold so you know what is still left. 

Tip 4: Remember your expiration date! Consignment shops usally give you about 1-3 months for your clothes to sell. They'll give you a date by which, whatever clothes of yours have not sold, you must pick up or the shop will claim permanant ownership of them. Again, the shop will not contact you to remind you of this so you must keep track of your expiration date and pick up your left over clothes in time.

Every shops policies are different so it's best to find out before you commit to it. A lot of shops require you make an appointment so.... what are you waiting for!!!

P.S. Don't forget to look around for something for yourself at a consignment shop. You can find great one of a kind or designer pieces for a great price.

Have you had a great experience consigning? Have any more great tips? If you're going to try it for the first time, let me know how it goes! Good luck!

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  1. I love consigning! And your tips are perfect! I currently have a huge load of stuff at Jessica's before the first two places didn't take a thing! So, the ironing and hanging was definitely worth it!