Tuesday, February 23, 2010

tuesday's two things I love around my home...

I found this super cute blog of an acquaintance which has caused me some considerable Blogger's envy. Every Tuesday she has fellow bloggers "link up" (new blog feature for me - eek!) and share two things they they love or appreciate around their home. I thought this was kind of a nice idea so this is my first ever edition of Two things I love... around my home from Bacwoods Fern:

1. My little antique photo hangers. I think they are so sweet and a nice alternative to a picture frame. I found them at one of my favorite vintage shops called Punch. It is now moving to state street in Santa Barbara and I can't wait to go back and see what else I can find!
2. My lime green bath towels from Anthropologie. They're super soft and cozy and I love how colorful they are! I've considered painting my bathroom wall to help them pop, but that's quite an undertaking for towels... we'll see. 

What are your two favorite things? I linked up kind of last minute today, but feel free to play along or join in next week, link here. I think I'll try and join each week if I can!

1 comment:

  1. aw, you are too cute... bloggers envy... made me giggle... christina told me the other night you had it and it made me giggle then too... you are too sweet!
    i absolutely love your hangers! what a fun idea! i'll have to check out that store next time in SB... i can't believe i've never heard of it!
    and i totally think that you should paint your bathroom... and then take pics to let us know how it turned out!
    cute towels by the way... i'm pretty much an anthro whore, so therefore love all things anthro...
    thanks for playing along and i look forward to seeing more from you!