Monday, July 12, 2010

Lets Reconnect...

Hi there.  Uh, this just in, my new alarm clock has failed to go off for the past two mornings and just now I set a tester time and it went off. So... what the heck?

A lot has been going on in my little world. A lot that I can't, and probably shouldn't, share right now, because I'm pretty sure most of you would categorize my sharing as "complaining."  But things have definitely been tricky. I am learning.  It's the acting out what I am learning that is so hard.  Learning to speak my mind, instead of letting my blood boil and veins pop like Spencer Pratt, is a big one.  Instead I just cry to my cat, "I'm not cut out for roommates! I'm just not!" ...or relationships or work or...
I've been so consumed by personal dramas (which I am not used to) that I have completely forgotten where I was going with anything else in my life!  Even my blog!  I've found myself desiring to retreat and hideaway from everyone so I don't have to deal!  But I know that's not what's right.

So, here I am, re-entering into the things that were/are important to me.  I've had a few things that I wanted to document and share with you but several of my belongings have mysteriously gone missing, one of which being my camera.
I will proudly declare that I have achieved something I never thought I would.  I now run aprox. 6 miles on a regular basis!  All at once! No stopping!  AND uphill!!! Well - half uphill, of course.  I am so proud of myself!!  But even accepting the new title of "athlete," I still fall victim to pity parties.  I was inconsolable a few nights ago.  I felt like all my efforts weren't doing anything and the years of my prime were being squandered by my muffin top.  I pouted shamelessly to my boyfriend while eating in bed, using the scale I'd bought that day as a tray.  It was a low moment.  But we all have those, right?

Well, I'll end my ramblings for the night with this:  My boyfriend and I went to Tahoe over the 4th of July.  It is so incredibly beautiful up there!  We went on an amazing hike up to 8,000 feet. Even though the temperature was in the 70's we were hiking in snow! It was so cool!  We stopped at a gorgeous lake w/ miniature icebergs floating in it and had lunch while taking it all in.  I was able to borrow a camera and get some pics!  It was breathtaking!

It is called the Wild Flower Hike. Normally the hillsides are covered in wild flowers, but they had a late snow this year, so there were just a few buds.


Critter company

Oh yeah, there was a crazy guy that swam out to one of the chunks of ice. Freezing!!!



Yet, the guy managed to inspire a follower...  I love the expression on his face! The water was soooooo cold!

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