Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Tidy Ribbons and Such...

Anyone who is a crafter knows about the amount of stuff you acquire in order to be well prepared for whatever inspiration or crafty conundrum may enter your day. Paper, embossing gun, yarn, ribbons galore, several types of glue, beads, stamps, glitter, fabric... just to name just a few. I recently attempted to downsize my numerous craft storage boxes and was immediately overwhelmed. So, I focused in on the area that seemed most chaotic: the tangled and severly intertwined, yet splendidly colorful, ribbons.  I hunted for a better form of containment and found a rectangular basket of my moms that wasn't really being used. Then I detangled, diligently, just like the good 'ol days when your yo-yo string got in a knot, times twenty... nine. My cat padded by pretending to be disinterested until it struck her that this was the best project ever and she became relentless in trying to participate. With little thanks to my cat, I ended up being quite pleased with the final result.

I had the brilliant idea of tying the smaller scraps of ribbon onto the handle of the basket to keep things somewhat orderly. Nice, right?

I got a little distracted after organizing the ribbon and my ever searching attention turned to color sorting the books on one shelf of my bookcase, yes, just one. I noticed of friend of mine had done this and I found it curious, so I thought I'd try it out. I've been undecided for about a week but I think I'm leaning towards... liking it! It looks orderly, wouldn't you say? My boyfriend pulls all his books out a bit so that the binds line up evenly, creating a smooth look. I think I'll try that next.

P.S. I got some little glow lights from IKEA. I think they give my room a romantic flair (wink).

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  1. I just came by to visit. I have totally been into the Weepies on one of my pandora stations! I love them. Great to hear your voice here.