Saturday, November 14, 2009

An Independent Saturday...

Oh Independence... how puzzling you are. My boyfriend has made plans on this pleasant Saturday that do not include clingy little me, so I have been forced to rely on my independent self and turn my focus to my much neglected To Do list. I started my morning (11:30am), quite hopeful, beaming in anticipation of all that would be accomplished. Now, several hours later, I have found that having no plans can leave me feeling a little... aimless. Here's how the day has gone so far: First, I decided to update my picture frames, several of which contain photos of people I no longer know. I sat on my bed and looked at them, each carefully placed around the room... and did some thinking... laying back on my bed, I listened to the neighbors loading their dogs into the car, then I looked at my nails for a while and picked at something irresistable on my arm. I then thought, man, it's dry out, so I put some lotion on my hands and eventually, I went to the kitchen and looked in the fridge, the selection was disappointing. Then I decided I should sew. I sat at my sewing desk (one of my favorite places) and I admired its amenities, my magnet board with the colorful little magnets, my stylish french colonial lamp; I acknowledged the aesthetic way my sewing supplies were set out on the table. I decided to add to the ambiance so I lit some candles, then thought, this might be a nice photo for my blog, so I took some pictures. Then I uploaded the pictures on my computer, after which, I went through some from the last couple months and deleted a few blurred or particularly unattractive shots, and made a mental note to post and print certain ones. Then I closed my lap top... I sat. I looked at my curtains, I noticed a pile of dead bugs at the bottom of my window sill, probably the remains of some spiders eatery, I corrected my posture and gave several moments of worry to the dowager's hump I fear is looming in my future. I inevitably returned to my slump and looked at the pictures I had pinned up on the wall above my desk and read the fortunes I had kept from past fortune cookies. I contemplated my chipped toe nail polish and finally, I got up, went into the kitchen, looked in the fridge and reconsidered its contents. Being independent is a lot harder than I thought.

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