Monday, August 24, 2009

Is It Steamy in Here???

It is late. I worked out. I am tired! I tried to write an interesting post but I didn't like the end result. Par for the course.

Instead I will inform you that on Saturday I had dinner just two tables away from THE McSteamy of Grey's Anatomy!!! Lemme tell you, he is every bit as steamy, maybe even more so, in person. Not only that, but he looked right at me! I looked pretty good too.

I was at San Ysidro Ranch's Plow & Angel restaurant for a friends birthday. One of my favorite spots and a celeb hot spot. "Dr. Sloan" was there with his wife, probably trying to find some privacy from his threesome tape scandal. Our table of six girls nearly peed our pants when we saw him, but we were able to play it cool.

To the left is his infamous McSteamy moment. As you can see it is difficult to determine if the steam is from the bathroom he's just stepped out of or if it is radiating off his body...

On another note, the Plow & Angel restaurant is incredibly beautiful and the baked Macaroni & Cheese and Blood Orange Margeritas are delish!

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