Monday, August 31, 2009

Sincerely, Puzzled Roommate

Maybe some of you could help me out with this. I mentioned in the last post that my mom and I recently rented out a bedroom. We love our new roommate, she is sweet, friendly and seemingly normal. Since I am the adult child that won’t move out, this is my first roommate experience and I am realizing there may be some roomie dynamics I have yet to learn. Take the latest episode for example:

Our roommate has been gone all weekend, I'm not sure where she went or when she is coming back. It is Monday morning and I am getting ready for work. The minutes remaining for me to drive to work and arrive on time are quickly dwindling and the last thing left to do is brush my teeth. Right as I put on my second shoe, about to head into the bathroom, I hear my roommate walk through the front door, into the bathroom, lock the door and start the shower. Hmm. I definitely don’t have time to wait for her to get out of the shower, but the garlicky pizza I had last night, I fear, is still with me. I remember I have a toothbrush and toothpaste at work, phew! But what if I didn’t…? I ponder this for a minute sitting on the edge of my bed. How does that work exactly? Should there be a rule that you check in with the household before occupying the bathroom for long periods of time? If it had been my mom that snuck in the shower I would simply pound on the door and demand that my teeth have priority, but I don’t want to scare my new roommate away. So tell me, is this something, as a housemate, I just have to deal with? Maybe everyday there are people like me, walking around unshowered, unbrushed or unshaven because their co-resident claimed the bathroom first. What are we to do?

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