Thursday, August 20, 2009

Bedroom Ponderings...

I am sitting in my room. It looks like a closet. There is almost no path from one side of the room to the other. My suitcase from a family trip last weekend is overflowing with crumpled clothing. Some of the oddities among the rubble would be a shoe box full of flower hair clips from Fiesta, a lone flip flop sitting atop my dresser that I used to kill bugs, and- ooh! I just spotted a bag of dark chocolate kisses!
I intended to clean my room last weekend, and again on Monday; I considered it again on Tuesday and by Wednesday I just embraced it. I trasitioned from being stressed about the clutter to being comforted by the clutter. I am surrounded by my stuff. It's kinda cozy. Should I hang up that top? Nah, just throw it onto one of the piles! So easy! I figure I will have to tidy up this weekend. But in the meantime I'm loving the life of a slob.

This probably doesn't look so good being the only follow up to the previous post...

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