Thursday, June 18, 2009

A Few of My Favorite Things

I feel it is important to make your surroundings a place you enjoy being. For me, the place I go to relax at home would be my bedroom. I love coming home from work to a room that I like and is pleasant. I achieved this by adding little details to things I already had, like adding pretty knobs to an old, dull dresser. Here are a few of my favorite little details:
I love these little photo hangers I found at a vintage boutique!
Whether cleaning or reading a book, I like to burn a sweet smelling candle to make the experience all the more enjoyable. My favorite is Santiago Huckleberry by Voluspa. And they come in pretty jars!

If you're like me then you probably have photos displayed on every wall, tucked into the corners of your mirror and frames. Pictures are very important to me but I also don't like a lot of clutter. So I took all the pictures around my room that lacked a proper home and made a photo collage above my sewing table. (That's my lovely sewing machine under its cover in the left corner.) The photo collage was inspired by a Pottery Barn catalogue (wink) and makes for something cheerful to look at while brainstorming sewing projects. Love it!

These are mercury glass votive holders. It's nice to have a little something shiny here or there.

A dear friend sent me a post card with this poem by Robert Creeley on it. Isn't it sweet?

And finally: Nothing beats a friendly companion.

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